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6 Amazing Beard Facts for you to know

You know how much the beard is an iconic and symbolic brand among men, right? And it is interesting that the new bearded men are smart with some of these facts about beards, not only to have something to show unbelievers but to know in depth the power that she has.

Just because many guys out there adopt the style and totally change their appearance and even posture already shows some of that power that facial hair has. Want a good example? Take a look at what Ranveer Singh, from Bollywood, and how he changed when he adopted a full beard in his film, RamLeela. If you remember the figure in the movie, you know how much beard has power …

And now you will know some facts that endorse this statement.

Beard facts to make your style even more impactful

1. Barbershops are older than you think

Beard Facts

I know we already talked about Trufefitt & Hill here, right? Refined barbershop, the first in history to remove that wanderer aspect of the barbers. But we are only considering their structure, the modern aspects that involve facial hair until today. But the main tradition, of bringing together several men in one place while looking, is much older.

In fact, it is from 1100 BC! It is already known that Roman men met in various places to exchange ideas of various types, and even to shave. But in his case it was not really a barbershop: as we said, this modern concept would only come many centuries later.

Here, the madmen got together to shave with the Roman razor, a rudimentary version of what would have been invented by the French in the 18th century, and much more dangerous. It was not for nothing that the wise men of the time were one of the few who kept a full and voluminous beard …

2. The lifetime taking care of the beard

Facts about Beard

Counting the time of life in months, days and hours is quite common when you feel like visualizing the immensity of time, and how ephemeral we are before it. Poetic, isn’t it? But it is also a good way to measure how much we dedicate ourselves to tasks that would only “take 5 minutes, don’t even weigh that much”. And can you imagine how many hours you spend looking after your beard, following this math of getting dizzy?

The number is not accurate, as we know that each one has its own rhythm, but it is estimated to be around 3500 hours. That, converted into years, would take about 5 or 6 months. Did you find a little? But think about this: you would stay 6 months, uninterrupted, shaving and taking care of your beard. You wouldn’t have life, other than standing in front of the mirror It seems like a long time now, doesn’t it?

3. What is the most beautiful beard in the world?

most beautiful beard

Difficult and very unlikely to answer definitively. Still, people like to create titles to attribute to someone, just to disagree with the decision and pursue that point themselves. Creating bullshit aside, whose title would it be, then? Since neither you nor I define …

Well, that title is settled by the world beard association, in a dispute held every two years in different countries. That’s right, there is a world beard championship, with different categories of disputes, and styles that you may only find in children’s stories or by some more crazy author, like Neil Gaiman, for example.

4. The amount of hair in the beard is…

Beard Facts

25 thousand threads, approximately. And in some cases of beards, they can be as thick as a copper wire! Yes, in a crazy fantasy world, beard wires could be a good substitute for electric wires. I mean, if they were good enough electrical conductors … Anyway. What matters is that our bodies can produce really tough and thick beards.

But how is that possible? Each pore of the beard can produce facial hair, with its well-defined thickness. But that same pore can produce four follicles each, depending on how much they are stimulated. In short, the more pores of the beard stimulated and well maintained, the more beard will have on the face.

5. The biggest beard in the world

biggest beard

We’ve already talked about the woman with the biggest beard in the world, but until then we haven’t talked about the man who once had the biggest beard in the world. And no, he was not an ancient philosopher or Charles Darwin. The owner of this record is Mr Hans Langsteeth, who died in 1927.

Hans had a five-meter and a six-inch beard. Yeah, it’s a hell of a long beard. I don’t think anyone will really beat that record … And the record holder himself knows that fact! So much so, that his beard is preserved today at the Smithsonian Institute, as part of the definitive collection.

6. Want to have a beard in Old Russia? Will have to pay

Beard Facts

It was like this in the reign of the Russian Tsar “Peter, the Great”: if you want to keep a beard, you had to pay a tribute to the king of that cold hell. And what was the reason for having to pay a fucking tax to keep facial hair? Amazingly, to modernize the look of Russia! It’s pretty crazy, but that was Peter’s thinking.

Beards were quite common in Russia during the Peter The Great period. And his intention was to bring modernity to Russian lands, and he saw facial hair as a visual setback. Imagine the amount to pay the king and still take care of facial hair …

There are still many other facts about the beard, which you can check out here, young man! Having this information at the tip of your tongue makes you a good connoisseur and wise of facial hair, and even draw attention with your wisdom. And this is always very charming. Until next time, young man!