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Beard Style for Black People
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Beard Style for Black Men: 5 Types and Their Care

Facial hair care is part of the main male grooming routines. Even more now, that the bearded ones are all in fashion!

It turns out that sometimes that desire to change looks comes and we don’t know where to go, do we? So how about getting to know some of the main beard styles for black men?

If you’re looking for options and inspiration, you’ve come to the right place!

In today’s post, we will show you some of the main beard styles for black men, we will talk about the essential care that black beards need to have with their skin and hair, and we will also show you several photos to inspire you in choosing your new style.

Care that a black beard man needs to have

Now talking about male skincare, it is worth remembering that black skin is more likely to suffer from excess oil, which makes it more likely to develop folliculitis and ingrown hairs.

Regardless of the beard style for black people, it is important to highlight that, among the main cares with black male skin, are skin cleansing and exfoliation, which actively contribute to avoiding this type of problem.

In addition, it is also important to remember that the longer the beard, the drier your ends tend to get. The solution for this is very simple: just keep your beard hydrated, either with a balm or with a good shaving oil, which in addition to giving shine, also gives a healthier appearance to the hair.

5 Best Beard Styles for Black Men

After all, is there an ideal type of beard for blacks? In truth no!

What happens is that black men will usually have a curly beard, with thicker and more voluminous strands, so it is clear that this interferes with the look. But in the end, it all depends on the style you want to follow.

You can bet on a short, long beard, stubble, goatee, etc. So let’s get to know some beard styles for black people so you can get inspired and choose the one that suits you best.

1 – Unshaven

Unshaven Beard Style for Black men
Source: Pinterest

After the clean face look, stubble is probably the simplest and easiest style to care for and maintain. It basically consists of that height of beard that grows two to three days after you shave, you know?

It is the ideal style for those who do not like a big beard but also want to avoid passing the straight razor to reduce aggression to the skin.

To maintain this style, just use an electric razor to maintain the desired height and clean the surrounding area, making the beard line and removing the excesses. Very simple, right ?!

2 – Mustache

bearded black Men
Source: Pinterest

The moustache is a separate style, which has been gaining many fans in recent times.

It can be a great option for guys who suffer from a failed beard. And here it is worth mentioning that there are several types of the moustache to choose from. From the thin pencil-style moustache to the thick and imposing moustache, everything depends on your preference.

For maintenance, you should always trim the wires with scissors to maintain the desired height and remove the excess. In order for the moustache to have the desired highlight, it is important to always keep the rest of the beard shaved.

3 – Goatee

beard style for black men
Source: Pinterest

Whether the goatee is complete or in the anchor style, it is a great beard style for black men full of personality. Like the moustache, it can also work very well for those who have a shaved beard.

Maintenance for this style is quite simple, just keep the strands of hair at the desired height and always clean the surrounding area, shaving around twice a week to avoid damaging the skin so much.

4 – Short or medium beard

Beard Trends for Black Men
Source: Pinterest

The medium or short beard is already a great style for black men who want a slightly bigger and fuller beard, but do not want to take chances with a long beard.

The style is very good for those with a full beard and helps to enhance the contours of the face, giving a more manly look. In addition, you still have the option to send that beard drawn, with well-defined contours.

Among the basic care, it is worth highlighting the importance of starting to take care in hydration to avoid drying the hair. After all, no one wants to have a dull, frizz- filled beard , do they?

5 – Long and full beard

Beard Style for Black People
Source: Pinterest

This style is undoubtedly the most desired by many men. After all, who never dreamed of having a full beard, which draws attention wherever it goes?

However, this is one of the beard styles for black people that requires more care with hydration and cleaning to keep the lookup to date, with the hair aligned, healthy and shiny. And of course, it also takes time, because the beard does not grow overnight.

If this look is also your dream, go without fear, because it is worth it!

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What’s up? Which beard style for black people suits you the most?

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Did you like these beard tips for blacks? Have you tried any of them? Which beard style for black people do you like the most? Tell us here in the comments!