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Beard Trends for Summer
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Beard Trends for Summer: Prepare your style!

Summer is very close, in fact, a little less than two months to go! If you’ve prepared your beard well in the spring, you know that the hot season has its challenges as much as winter. You can say that spring is a quiet workout for summer. And more than the care you have seen here, we have the styles that will be present in this period. So what are the beard styles for summer 2021, and 2022 too? One thing is the practicality that many guys look for, and rightly so; another thing, a little more complex, is to bring this practicality with the touch of style and practicality that modernity allows.

Basic Beard Trends for Summer 2021

The general tip that we give to facial hairstyles at that time are those that do not require a heavy trim, using products in small quantities, and that allow greater practicality to maintain, especially dealing with the hot climate, which brings their problems to the beard.

Of course, it does not prevent bearded men who like that fuller style, worthy of a Viking, from showing off their looks. For these, we have also separated some styles that can gain their prominence for the summer, and perhaps for the rest of the year as well. After all, beards are part of a guy’s personality, nothing more natural than keeping him in his most challenging periods

It’s time to combine these two pillars of a modern bearded man and go into the next summer with everything. Let’s see what summer has in store for us.

Unshaven, why yes

Beard trends for men

Unshaven promises some minor modifications for next year, with taller sides and a little more design, but its roots remain the same, especially in this early summer.

This style is always a good choice for guys who are starting out in this style and want to get a sense of how their facial hair can look when completely full. And for the summer it is a good idea to give this “false lazy” and leave this style worthy of a mobster.

A very simple idea to manage a style like this during the summer is the famous “three-day beard”, which would be the style of someone who has practically completely removed his beard, and it is slowly forming again.

It’s kind of that “painted beard” style, eternalized by comedians for over 40 years, and that in a way was also a kind of “revolt”, since beards like that were considered lazy things, in that foggy period that facial hair they were frowned upon.

Goatee or Van Dyke

Van Dyke Beard for Summer

One of the most anticipated trends for next year, goatees have gained special attention and respect from bearded men. In addition to being one of the easiest ways to style facial hair, it allows for a variety of styles more unique and personalized than a full beard, just because she doesn’t care so much about the types of faces.

For the summer, the style gains even more prominence: since it is a single region on the face that needs facial hair care, and with a very good ability to stylize the way you want, to give it a greater prominence while removing the rest of the beard it is much more practical, and much more interesting even in some ways.

And of course, one of the most iconic styles in this part, young, could not be missing. The Van Dyke style is a very interesting combination of moustache and goatee that falls well at any time, and especially in summer. It looks strange with that slightly curved moustache, but when you consider the facial hair care you need at that time, it ends up that it gets more prominence.

Short beard

short beard for summer

No, it is neither the stubble nor the short boxed beard of offices… Although the latter is interesting even though it is not among the most anticipated beard trends for summer 2021. Think of it as a simpler and more “compact” version ”With a full beard – which is an excellent request for style to add to your look in the summer, already thinking about the few adjustments you will need in the rest of the year, with the trends coming.

A short beard is basically everything you want for a full beard, but without the volume. And it can even be used in the office, which makes it the best of both worlds – that is, inside and outside the air conditioning.

Adopting a short beard is a good idea for bearded men who want to maintain a complete look, but outside that executive environment that, in a way, is somewhat standardized. Here, you can explore the length of the sides, to create something more unique and well done.

If you prefer, the barber can be a good alternative to leave this style well-trimmed, and according to your preferences. Just don’t forget to keep the cleanliness and use of the beard products, so as not to give yourself more trouble, and for the professional, right?

Gradients for Summer

beard trend for summer

We have already said that one of the most anticipated beard trends for summer 2021, when it comes to hair, is the variations of fades, in which its most basic version is left out, while all the styling and personalization possibilities are more adopted, including the combination with the beard.

The so-called undercuts go very well with beards for the summer, first because they are practical to maintain on both sides – hair and beard- second because it is possible to personalize even more with the various types of hair, and to create something very original. It takes a little more work, it is true, but it is compensated by a real transformation of the look by the bearded ones.

Starting, rightly, with a gradient beard. Think about this: if the summer is a hot season, and the ideal is to have styles that are not so bulky to bring those common beard problems in the summer, how about a style that contemplates both fronts, so to speak, and break directly match the hair? One of the most common uses in this part is to create a fade in the beard that “continues” upwards with the hairstyle.

And considering that hairstyles now get their own customizations, matching the styles of 2022, combining hair with a gradient beard closes as one of the great styles for the summer. Consider going to the beach with them, just to get an idea …

Lumberjack in summer, can you?

Lumberjack Beard for summer

In fact, the style of the owners of axes and plaid shirts works very well in the summer. For the following: despite being one of the pillars of a full beard, their style is well designed to withstand long periods of heat, and make all the difference for guys who want a good look for summer 2021.

Furthermore, they are already well valued in and out of season, why not be part of summer 2021? For those who like to follow the trends, maintaining the woodcut style is a good thing to follow during the summer while the temperatures don’t drop, and allow you to invest in a band hole or something like that.

Adopting a Full Beard style with a lumberjack look is not very easy. The trim needs to be constant, the style well designed, not to mention the cleanliness that must be further enhanced to keep everything uniform. And a calm, young man, the idea is not to discourage you, quite the contrary.

With a well-made lumberjack look, you will have a great advantage in your look for the next one. Although a full beard is more complicated to treat at high temperatures, on the other hand, it is also natural protection for the face, ensuring a youthful face over the years.

It is a challenge that only brings advantages, young man. Why not take a chance?

Hipster Beard: since you’re here …

Hipster Beard for Summer

We are talking about the lumberjack’s beard, about the gradual styles, and about the trends expected over the next year, what is not lacking are freer styles… Styles. So how about investing in hipster beard for summer 2018 at once? In a way, some of the styles we’ve talked about here fall into the category, but the intention is to go a little further.

This time, instead of limiting your looks with these or those directions, leave your beard the way you want. This is what they call “Carefree Beard”, those beards and looks that don’t follow a well-defined line by barbers, but the basic care is there, with a fuller and more alive beard, ready to be used well.

A well-designed beard, for example, does not have to have facial hair on the neck, but still have a longer length on the chin; the lack of a drawing in the region of the cheekbones is balanced with a volume and a drawing in the line of the jaw, and so on.

Yes, you will hear that you look sloppy because of that. And yes, even if you are careful about cleaning your beard. But to do what … Bad luck for them, you know exactly what you’re doing, and it’s going to make a huge difference when you’re shaved for summer 2021.

Getting your beard ready for summer

Well, none of these cares will really make that difference if you are not up to date. We have already talked a little about this when preparing for spring, so let’s just reinforce a few important points here so that you can be calm in summer.

Apply more, just don’t overdo it

In the summer, your face will eventually get wet, which increases the amount of sweat to the point of constant alertness. So there is a greater increase in regular cleaning during the bath, and especially in the application of shampoo and balm for the beard.

Just don’t overdo it, young man. Everything in excess is bad, even here. In addition to the waste of products, in the end, the effects will be the same on the beard. And specifically in the case of balm, the chances of making your beard more “sticky”, so to speak, are greater. Avoid overeating, young man.

Don’t forget the water

And not just to wash your face and beard, young man. Just as sweating can make your face too oily, too much sweat can cause you to lose fluid, which for long periods tends to leave your skin dry. And dry skin means more difficulty for facial hair to receive the nutrients they need.

Drinking plenty of water in the heat is necessary not only for maintaining your beard. It is an essential care to stay active constantly, avoiding other risks to the body. Think that, without water, the body starts to burn proteins in a dangerous way, and that can cause problems much worse than facial hair.

Be sure to go to the barber if you need to

The barber does make a difference in the daily life of the bearded man. Of course, not necessarily every day, but going once a week during the summer can save you the hassle of some style maintenance, and it takes a bit of air conditioning in a well-structured establishment. Why not? Peace on hot days is also worthwhile.

What’s more, barber shops can give you more than adjustments. The tips for the look, the relaxed atmosphere, and contact with other beards make the experience even more interesting and receptive. Do you know that idea of ​​a gentleman’s club? So, it’s right there.

So, you can see that among the beard trends for summer 2021, there are many other variations and peculiarities that allow creativity to bearded men. Paying attention to these details, while looking for your way to enjoy the heat, will leave you really well on the tape. Be sure to enjoy the summer well, and until next time!