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beard types to match your face

15 beard types to match your face

There are several types of beards scattered around, some more traditional while others exude creativity and boldness. But for each style, certain care is needed to ensure more quality in the look, and more beauty as a whole.

In this post, we are going to unravel some of these types of beards, and what are the best products for you to take care of your beard with care. So without delay, we go to the list, taking into account the various types of face. After all, faces can have different types of beards or different types of goatee, you just need to choose the one that suits you best!

But before we start, do you know what your face shape is? No? Then take a look here: HOW TO DETERMINE THE FORMAT OF YOUR FACE .

See the types of beard:

Beards are super hot, but it is still a controversial business. That’s because there is no middle ground: you either love a beard, or hate yourself. Despite being a trend of men’s fashion, which comes and goes, not everyone adheres to the style.

But speaking to people who like to be bearded, there is not just one style of beard in the world. Good observers must have noticed that this world works, basically, like that of haircuts: there is an ideal model for each type of face.

As you will see below, the ideal styles for square faces are not the same for round faces. Likewise they are with rectangular faces and so on.

The purpose of this variety of styles, shapes and types of beard is to add contrast to the shapes and dimensions of each face shape. That is why not all styles suit everyone.

Below, we’ve made a very complete selection that will help you understand which style looks best on you.

1 – Traditional

Suitable for men with a square face, that is, with a broader jaw and stronger features, the traditional beard highlights the face by covering its entire area without such specific care – everything is very uniform. Among the types of beards that we will present, this one, besides being one of the most popular, is widely adopted by artists because it is a much more versatile style for the face.

For those who have full beards that grow evenly across the face, it is an excellent indication. This style has several “subdivisions” in which we will see in detail below.

How to care for this beard?

It will depend on your size preferences, but a good shaving lotion or cream is enough to maintain the style and health of facial hair. If you want to make the beard softer, the ideal is to use the Balm for beard , it will help to reduce itching and make the hair more silky.

2 – Goatee

It is best suited for rectangular faces, which compared to square faces, are more angular and slightly thinner. With a good goatee , you can either highlight these features, or make your face a little more oval – and this type of face also gains good benefits from this beard. If you do not have such prominent facial hair, you will like to see the suggestion later.

How to care for this beard?

In addition to removing all the rest of the beard in a clean way, with suitable products, you can apply a good shampoo for beards and leave it still highlighted. To help you, a bearded fan of this type of beard has developed a mold to make the perfect goatee! Here are other types of goatee that you might like to use!

And a tip: try not to trim them, because the more “sloppy” look is more striking.

3 – Featured in Mustache

Whether you adopt a more bohemian style like some samba dancers, or something more full and flashy like that practiced in some European countries, keeping the mustache can be a challenge especially for younger men, but it is a very interesting option. Among the types of beard, the mustache is the one that defies gravity and requires more special attention.

For rounder faces, or those of the so-called “inverted triangle”, with a more accentuated chin and prominent forehead, the use of the mustache makes these features more attractive, in addition to being an interesting option for those who like to complement with the goatee.

How to care for this beard?

Like the goatee, leaving only the mustache growing is a very interesting option to attract attention. And to keep the mustache in the style you want, a good beard comb and a mustache ointment is enough.

4 – Full Beard

The famous full beard is perfect for round and triangular faces. Like a badly shaved beard (see below), it makes the face more uniform, but with the difference of being quite bulky.

If you want a more rustic, or more impactful look, a full beard is ideal for you. However, only use it if you have a prominent, full-grown beard on your face. Of the types of beards that we present here, this is the one that I personally like to use the most.

How to care for this beard?

Because it is a look that requires less grooming, maintaining a shampoo is the most basic thing to do with a full beard. And as this can be done during a bath, for example, it will not be so much work.

If you want to make her look better, use a shaving oil right after the shower.

5 – Ducktail

Another good suggestion for more triangular or rectangular faces, the Ducktail is the famous “ viking beard ”. With a light trim on the jaws, and accentuating the volume of the chin, the ducktail is an interesting style for those who want an even more striking, and in a way, aggressive look.

How to care for this beard?

In addition to maintaining constant maintenance, which can be done on your own or with the help of a barber, ducktail beards need specific care regarding shampoo , in order to maintain linear growth. If the ends of the strands become more dry, use a shaving oil along the length of the strand.

6 – Badly Made Beard

Also known as “dirt beard” or “dirty face”, this is the thinner type of beard, which usually appears a few days after having shaved it. It usually works best on more square and rectangular faces, giving more charm to its users. In fact, it is considered one of the current trends.

As a thin beard is almost a prerequisite, you will see several types of badly shaved beard around, it all depends on the failure of the beard.

How to care for this beard?

If you have a thicker beard and want to keep it in this shape, remove it with a type 2 or 3 machine, so that it is more “thin”. And to keep it that way, just keep a good lotion and constant maintenance at that point.

7 – Neck Volume

Great for rounder faces, a fuller beard on the cheeks and neck can make this look even more visible. However, if this is not a problem for you, having a thicker beard in this region will make you much more friendly and attractive to the female audience.

How to care for this beard?

In addition to shampoo, a good beard balm is enough to ensure a very uniform and flashy style. So that you don’t confuse it with Full Beard , try to trim it on your cheekbones , and even a little on your cheeks, so that the highlight is always in the lower region.

8 – Old Dutch

For those who are following Vintage fashion this is one of the most daring types of beard. This style of beard fits as well in retro looks as flashy mustaches . The Old Dutch (Dutch Old English) gets its charm to make good of facial hair in a very distinctive way. And unlike the hipster (see below), he has a much more classic look, worthy of those old paintings.

However, do not use it if you have a more rectangular or triangular face: the Old Dutch beard in these cases stretches the face further, not making its use interesting.

How to care for this beard?

Because it is a longer beard and in a way even more careful in detail, you will need a lot of care for it. In addition to shampoo , a good shaving oil and mustache wax when you leave the house are important tips for keeping Old Dutch well taken care of.

9 – Mutton Chops

They are the famous “Wolverine sideburns”, beards that give that value to the sideburns, and that connect in the beard. This type of beard can either be just an extension of the beard, making it close to the look of the iconic comic book characters; or you can do a complete path, removing the beard on the cheeks, mustache, goatee (but keeping the goatee) and neck. Another variation gives up the goatee, and connects the chops with the mustache.

The Mutton Chops are highly valued for who has more square and rectangular faces, or even triangular, leaving the more angular face and flashy.

How to care for this beard?

Shampoo and a mustache ointment is the ideal and very good way to care for your Mutton Chops . In addition, keeping your beard neatly trimmed in areas that serve to highlight sideburns is essential.

A good tip is to use a shaving cream , because it does not cover the strands as the foam does, it is ideal for shaving the beard.

10 – Volume in the Chin

You can call it a beard if you want to leave the volume of the beard in this region and remove the mustache and sideburns, but a full beard that has a larger volume on the chin is much more prominent and is one of the most striking types of beard, especially for those who it has the most triangular faces, reducing the most expressive features.

However, if you don’t want a look closer to Old Dutch , set a limit so that you don’t get so out of it.

How to care for this beard?

A good shampoo to keep the beard sanitized, and a good pair of scissors to trim both the chin area so it doesn’t get too long, and on the sides to maintain the chosen look, is enough to get a good beard, and a good highlight on your visual.

11 – Tight Beard

A small variation on the Barely Done Beard, because instead of this one, which is “badly cared for” on purpose, the close beard is a little more voluminous, but still maintaining the badly done style. This is one of the types of beard that looks great on practically all types of faces, especially the most square and the most oval, and gives a more daring style to its users.

How to care for this beard?

Follow the same care of a badly shaved beard, just letting the facial hair grow a little longer. If your beard is thinner , it will be even better, as its growth in the right size will further enhance the look.

12 – Hipster Style

Hipster fashion is one of the most used lately, and it suits both clothing styles, movies and music, such as the beard. And here, as the theme suggests, it is to use visuals that go completely out of the standard, that almost nobody is using. Since it needs a certain stylization and does not depend on specific patterns, it adapts to any type of face.

In hipster style anything goes, mix several types of beard in one, experiment, invent, create! Let your beard go without limits, without patterns, invent your pattern, your type of beard.

How to care for this beard?

The hipster style can be quite varied and versatile, but they all use the same principle regarding care: use a good shampoo and oil to care for your beard , and trim at least once a week, whether opposing on your own or with the help of a barber. Growing a beard, as well as trimming it regularly, is essential to achieving the desired design, and you can be inspired very well by the styles seen here.

13 – Low Custer

It can be considered a variation of the beard. While this style is more “wild”, in a state between a shaved beard and a full beard, the Low Custer style is closer to the Traditional style, keeping the hair long and moderately voluminous, but with a well-defined cut. If you prefer a more casual style and step out of the traditional style, the Low Custer is ideal for you. If you have a more square or rectangular face, it will look even better.

How to care for this beard?

Good scissors to trim the beard, in addition to a good shaving cream for cutting, are necessary to keep the beard Low Custer well looked after. If you prefer, exchange the scissors for a razor, and adjust the size of the beard at the height of the cheeks. But use with care: if you are not used to cutting, look for a barber. Don’t forget the beard balm to keep it soft and fragrant at all times.

14 – The Latin Lover3

Above, we recommend the goatee cut for men with more square or triangular faces for a more striking look, and that does not enhance the treatment so much. But as we well know, not all guys have enough facial hair to shave. And for them we have a special suggestion.

Among the types of beard, the Latin “lover” is a differentiated goatee, without hair on the sides of the mouth, highlighting both the mustache and the beard. The curious name is related to several artists who make use of the visual for the reasons described above, such as actor Jhonny Depp . But this does not mean that the bearded men cannot adopt the look: in fact, it is even easier for men with more beards to adopt the look of the Latin lover, since they can adopt small variations that suit their faces.

How to care for this beard?

As if you only want to take care of the Goatee , removing all the beard on the sides to highlight the cut is mandatory. A good mustache wax enhances the region in question, as does a lotion for cutting the chin. And don’t forget to trim well , to maintain the charm that the style suggests.

15 – The Beard Balbo

This type of beard is very suitable if you don’t have a full beard yet and you still need to dedicate a little more time to let it close and look more rustic. Even if you are not going to have a full beard, you can go on testing this style that goes very well with a very provocative and instigating style.

How to care for this beard?

To look good in this style, you must be careful with the design. Do not let the underside of the beard that comes from the chin join with that of the sideburns. These are areas that must be separated by a clean and shaved space of about 3 fingers. The sensual side is to leave the mustache separated from the goatee part. These two beard segments must not be connected. It looks much more romanticized, reminiscent of Spanish heartthrobs of 18th century literature .

Use and abuse the above beard types

See all these types of beards that we brought you today, and not all of them, but before choosing yours it is essential that he pleases you. But if in the end you don’t like it, just change and try another one. 🙂

With the beard style that suits your face, you will look as beautiful as it does practical for different occasions. And you can add even more with a choice of clothes that enhance the look, and bring that smart charm to conquer whoever you are looking for.

So be sure to invest in a good beard style. You will be amazed at the doors that it will open. And if you want to grow your beard more easily for these styles, see our guide . It’s very robust, and very practical.