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I want to have a Beard: How to Stimulate Hair Growth

If you ever looked in the mirror, put your hand on your chin and said: “I want a beard”, know that you are in the right place! Well, first of all, don’t think that this post will be about miracle recipes, medicines and tonics that will make your hair grow overnight. Even because they don’t exist!

The guy who dreams of having a nice beard and a considerable volume needs to understand that he has to go after it and stop believing these stories on the internet with “magic potions” for the hair to grow! The secret, most of the time, is in the care of the beard, the skin and also with health.

So, here, you will know some practical tips on what to do on a daily basis and how to take better care to finally reach the full potential of your beard.

First, what prevents the beard from growing?

Beard Growth

Before starting any procedure, it is essential to understand the main reasons why the beard does not grow as you always dreamed. Below, we have separated some more common examples.

Genetic issues

Like baldness, beard development is also linked to genetic issues, especially in relation to testosterone levels and one of its subcategories, called Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. It plays an important role in several hormonal and aesthetic conditions, such as beard volume, hair quality and skin health (sebum, seborrhea, acne etc.).

In fact, what defines why someone has a close, bulky, big beard while others have little or nothing is the number of hormone receptors on the skin and whether DHT is acting on them. Finally, it is worth mentioning that this number and its distribution on the face are determined by genetics and, until today, even medical advances have not allowed changing this.


Another critical factor for beard growth is alopecia. It is a disorder of the body that affects hair and nails as well. It usually has causes associated with vitamin imbalance, stress, or even health problems.

If you notice excessive hair loss or that your beard and hair are creating “holes” that did not exist, the recommended thing is to see a dermatologist and never try to self-medicate, okay?

Lack of care

It is useless to say “I want a beard” and think that the hair will grow from there. Most of the time, growth, dryness and even hair loss is associated with the lack of special care.

Poor hygiene, exposure to the sun, lack of hydration, friction and wrong products contribute (and a lot) to the beard stagnating or not even developing. So, check out some essential tips on what to do on a daily basis. Still there!


A sedentary lifestyle does not help your health, let alone your beard. It may be that many are not connected, but the lifestyle that the guy follows greatly influences the growth and appearance of the beard and skin. Starting with eating habits!

Everything you eat impacts the organism in some way and, consequently, reflects on your image. Fat, soft drinks, alcohol and cigarettes (he doesn’t even have to talk, right?) Are harmful and, in excess, lead to premature ageing.

The practise of physical activities, in turn, improves blood circulation and increases the production of hormones, including the much-needed testosterone, essential to “boost” and strengthen the hair. Not to mention that it helps to relieve everyday stress – after all, don’t forget to take care of mental health, another item that influences a lot in beard growth.

How to grow a cool beard?

Let your beard grow naturally

The first step is to let the hair grow smoothly. In other words, nothing to “clog” the face with tonics and lotions that are pure chemistry and can even generate more serious health problems!

After all, there are no proven formulas on the market capable of making hair grow. What is “pushed” around there, in fact, is nothing more than vitamins (which can naturally be obtained from food) and medicines and, between us, medicine is only taken when you have a medical prescription, do you agree? In addition, temporary hair growth is often just one of the many possible side effects. There is no medicine made exclusively for hair growth.

Leave the hair to develop naturally and at most go hitting and trimming those who rebelled. In general, in about two weeks you can already see and feel where they grow the most and even study the first drawings.

Avoid scratching your beard

scratching beard

Every bearded person “suffers” from itching during the growth phase. This is normal, but you can soften it a lot with shampoos (only those specific for shaving, huh?) And oils. After all, these products have moisturizing actions and leave the hair softer, reducing irritation.

What does not happen, at all, is to put your nails in your face and think that this will relieve the itching. In fact, this will only help pull the hair out of the bulb and peel off the skin, which can cause more irritation and redness.

Caprice in food

Remember that one of the causes of alopecia is related to the body’s imbalance? Okay, these are more extreme cases! However, everything you eat has an effect on the body, and certain foods and healthy practices have proven to help strengthen, give hair more shine and life, including the beard.

Some essential components are omega 3 (sardines, salmon, chia, nuts etc.), vitamin A and zinc (eggs, beets, spinach, etc.). So, be sure to lead a healthy life and always maintain a balanced diet. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

Get specific products right

Don’t think that hair product has the same effects on your beard. Illusion! After all, both the hair and the scalp itself have very different characteristics from the face, such as oiliness, roots and texture.

Therefore, it is good to separate space on the bathroom shelf for exclusive products for beard and facial skin. As a basic and indispensable list, there are at least two that every bearded man should have in his bag :

  • beard shampoo (essential for daily hygiene. Cleans, moisturizes and strengthens);
  • exfoliating face (complements hygiene, providing a much deeper cleaning and opening the pores).

Include certain daily care

Knowing the essential products to care for your beard, it’s time to put other care into practice. Starting with daily hygiene with shampoo and scrub, always with circular and smooth movements, without exaggerating the quantity and strength.

Then, get used to using a beard comb, which helps to untangle possible knots and spread the products better. Always take care of accessories, avoiding keeping them wet or in damp places.

Anyway, following these steps, it is much easier and more feasible to reach the mirror and say “I want a beard”. After all, the biggest secret is in the care you take with your hair and your skin. It is worth emphasizing that many other factors interfere with growth, including genetics. However, with patience, perseverance and quality products, make sure that the results can be quite satisfactory.