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Mustache Styles

Discover 13 types of stylish mustaches for you to not look ugly in 2017

We will now introduce you to the most varied types of mustache , from the most stylish mustaches to the most eccentric. But we are not here just to talk about the mustache, but about a whole lifestyle around this masculine accessory. The mustache , as it is known in the gringo lands, is still very successful, just look at any American film, you will see a leafy mustache!

Which man never dreamed of growing a beautiful mustache at least once in his life. If you disagree, stop and think: how many times have you wished you had an enviable mustache , but were afraid of the reaction of people, especially women?

The Movember campaign has as main characteristic the growth of mustaches, even more than the beards themselves. So, it’s time to let go of prejudice and fear and cultivate one of these, which is one of the greatest symbols of elegance and masculinity. And here among us: stylish, daring and hipsters are the ones who cultivate the mustache types in different ways than usual! With such a specific part of the beard, they get attention for the whole look. The man with the mustache Tom Selleck says so.

And, if you still think women don’t like a mustache, think about how many you haven’t seen wearing any outfit or accessory with the design of a beautiful mustache ? To prepare for the great month of November, in addition to having some good ideas for your look, here are 13 mustache ideas to incorporate into your beard. You can apply individually, or with the rest of your beard, you decide. If you think you can’t style a beard, hair and mustache, don’t be shy and look for the barber friend.

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Recently, the mustache came back with everything and in the most varied styles, from volleyball players like Giba, football players Willian mustache and Valdir mustache to funky songs “ Bigode Grosso “. And it has the most diverse types of mustache, such as the Mexican mustache , the Chinese mustache fu manchu, among others. Having a mustache is a bit of a classic when it comes to style, however, it requires a lot of maintenance, whether trimming the mustache, shaping, using a mustache wax , in short it is a type of beard that gives more work than the others in daily maintenance. But not only that mustache and beard have to match, as well as hair and beard. Who knows, with such prestige to this male lip accessory, we haven’t discovered the mustache song?

What is the origin of the mustache?
According to the dictionary

Probable origin from “bigoth” is “visigoth” – the Visigoths, who lived in the Iberian Peninsula and were known for their great mustaches. In British, “bigot” is someone intolerant in the sense of different opinions, which is consistent with the nomination of the Visigoths.

Historically, it can be shown that the mustache is a facial feature that tends to identify different cultures. In Western society, the mustache has fallen out of favor in recent decades, with visual cleanliness changing with increasing demand. The man with a mustache at this time went into extinction, only the most daring wore the trophy on his face. There was even a tendency to use a beard without a mustache, just imagine …

It is not absurd to say that this global society associates the mustache towards a small number of social phenomena that do not depend on geography. It had great prestige in the society of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. There, use demonstrated socioeconomic ostentation and had almost mandatory use among men among great prestige within the period mentioned.

In the 21st century, the mustache became a hit, probably thanks to the Movember movement , which uses it to promote cancer diagnosis from the prostate in disagreement. Some brands supported the movement by launching products inspired by the mustache and its shape, mainly. Thus, the mustache became fashionable among women (mugs, prints, stickers, earrings, necklaces, carnival costumes, mustache women, etc.).

What are the mustache types for your look
Mustaches with patterned ends, those hairstyles, are in fashion. Artists like Alexandre Nero, Caio Castro and Johnny Deep have already let their mustaches grow well combed.

In a small survey by Hora H, 68% of the women interviewed said that they like men with a mustache accompanied by a goatee or a full beard. If you are afraid to grow a mustache, start by adding a goatee or beard look and get to your mustache calmly.

The mustache depends a lot on the personality of the man. It creates characteristics of its own that certain men will not feel good about. Despite this, the mustache brings a strong association to the masculinity and seriousness of the modern man.

Check out these mustache inspirations to help you decide:

1 – The Philosopher
Inspired by the figure of the philosopher Frederich Nietzsche, this mustache is one of the most difficult to maintain, and at the same time, one of the most imposing. It is simply a matter of letting the mustache grow to the limit of the lips, and making it as bulky as the rest of the beard, which is more striking when only it bears your face. Use good mustache wax, plus scissors to maintain proper trim especially when eating.

2 – The Old Englishman
This is classic in the figure of the English butler. This is a long mustache, well divided in the center. When it grows, it is pulled sideways, tapering. The ends are pulled upwards, making a small loop that just doesn’t match Salvador Dal i’s mustache , which we will show later. It’s a great choice if you don’t want a big mustache. This type of mustache, Old English always requires a good wax to keep it out of the mouth :).

3 – The Walrus
If you found the philosopher style challenging, you will see that the Walrus style is another level. And here’s a warning: this is the look that is only valid for those guys who have a fuller beard naturally. Here the Walrus mustache passes the mouth, reaching the line of the jaw, and making a turn similar to the English mustache. If you are bald or have long hair, the look is even more awesome.

4 – Dali Style
The reference to the artist is not for nothing, as it was he who invented this French mustache. Very thin above the upper lip, and with its tips pointing upwards, the characteristic mustache of Salvador Dalí was as iconic as the figure of the painter, and even today it inspires visuals in fiction, and in some other artists and hipsters who have a great deal of it. inspiration. This one certainly needs a lot of mustache wax and maybe something more?

To achieve an effect like this, you need to use a lot of your mustache wax. So go to Beard and buy yours!

5 – Pencil
This is a thin mustache and it is a little more delicate to be made, for asking for more care in maintenance. Divided in the middle, this Pencil mustache makes two very fine lines on top of the upper lip, but they must be scraped very thinly. A good reference is the actor César Romero, who played the Joker in that old Batman series. This one will certainly have several comments, including in Brazil and this thin mustache is popularly known as “changer mustache”.

6 – Charles Chaplin’s Mustache
We could also say that it is Hitler’s mustache , but it would not look cool. Outside it is also called “Toothbrush”, since the shape is somewhat reminiscent of brush bristles. Well, regardless of references, the Charles Chaplin mustache is a curious mustache especially for those with a more angular face. The ends are shaved, leaving the mustache more closed in a trapezoid shape.

7 – Handlebar
This was the mustache most used at the beginning of the 20th century , and it is funny that today he associates himself with very characteristic figures of that time, such as boxers, lions, or even circus artists. Whatever the reference, the Handlebar mustache is also a mustache that is complicated to maintain. In addition to having the most voluminous facial hair, you need to trim it well before making the twists with a mustache wax.

8 – Fu Manchu
If you have a thinner, or even smoother, beard, you can adopt that expressive mustache coming straight from the east. Or rather, a story inspired by Chinese culture, Dr. Fu Manchu. This style of Chinese mustache is unique, a thin mustache with its long and thin strands that also pass the jaw line, and that if combined with a more triangular face, the Fu Manchu mustache can further exalt its characteristics.

9 – The Horseshoe
If you liked Fu Manchu, but your mustache is much more bulky to the point that it doesn’t look the same, the solution for you is the western version of it. Also known as Horseshoe mustache , or as a Mexican mustache variation , it is made with the same idea as Fu Manchu , with the mustache reaching the jaw line. And just like the oriental mustache, it’s nice to leave only the mustache, removing all the rest of the beard, so that it looks even more striking. This style of mustache caused national controversy which volleyball player Giba used it and was severely criticized, however, as a good bearded man said that they would have a mustache and that’s it!

10 – Tom Selleck style
Of course, one of the main representatives of the mustaches in the past and present times could not be missing. Better known as brush style , this mustache only covers the upper lip line a little, and needs to be trimmed just so it doesn’t get into the mouth. When in doubt about how to do it, just take a look at the look of the actor at the time that popularized him, the series “Magnum”. This type of mustache certainly needs maintenance with mustache wax and scissors.

11 – Mexican Mustache
Perhaps the most iconic symbol of the Mexican beard . From the stylized mustache to the most voluminous, they are part of the culture of this country, showing a little of what the local man’s vision looks like: rustic, but very honorable. When choosing the perfect Mexican mustache for your style, you should always keep it well defined, so do not forget to give it that shaped and moisturized with mustache waxes. It became known worldwide after the popularization of the Mexican Lutcha Libre .

You will find many styles of Mexican mustache, we will highlight two here. One is the thin, more extensive mustache, which is often confused with a goatee because it passes a little line of the lips. The aforementioned actor Danny Trejo is one of its users, and for a time, Wresting fighter Hulk Hogan was another iconic bearer of the mustache.

The other example goes to that slightly more bulky mustache, which only needs a constant trim so as not to overdo it. Among the best example is actor Ramon Valdez. “Ah, but why don’t you just say it’s …”, you don’t have to. Type in Google, and you kill the charade.

12 – Adolf Hitler style
Everyone wanted to know, but while Adolf Hitler was alive, no one had the courage to ask what was the inspiration for maintaining the mustache that would become the trademark of one of the most sinister creatures on earth. After he died, it became even more difficult to find out. In 1923, Dr. Sedgwick, Hitler’s press secretary, advised him to lose his brand image, his mustache. Hitler’s firm response was that “If it isn’t fashion now, it will be later, because I wear it!” Much discrepancy has arisen regarding the true origin of the famous mustache since Hitler. His love for Charlie Chaplin is often cited as the main inspiration.

However, the most reliable data is in the biography of the writer Alexander Moritz Frey, who served with Hitler in the German ranks during World War I as infantrymen in a Bavarian division. There are dozens of photos that illustrate a young Adolf Hitler with a mustache, but he used the classic Prussian styleat the time, that is, a long mustache to the sides and pointed. However, when Hitler was sent to the French front during World War I, he was ordered to cut his original mustache so that he could correctly use his gas mask. The use of mustard gas by British troops obliged all soldiers to have gas masks at hand and their broad mustache did not allow the equipment to provide complete sealing to the face. Soon, he would have to cut off his leafy Prussian mustache.

Some historical records describe that once the war was over, Hitler would have liked his new “look” more and kept it until the end of his days.

However, this short mustache style was quite popular in the region of Austria where Hitler grew up. Others suggest that he acted predominantly as a visual aid, in creating an instantaneous recognition greater than persona vida; the ‘brush’ has certainly become synonymous with oppression and fascism, even more than half a century later.

13 – Chevron
The chevron mustache is the mustache as used by rock singer Freddie Mercury, for example. Undoubtedly, one of the most common and easiest styles to maintain. It is thick and wide and covers most of the upper lip. This mustache is characterized by taking the entire region above the lip and being more bulky. It is usually delimited by lines perpendicular to the middle of the eye that meet the corner of the mustache.

This is one of the most classic mustaches and that is why it never goes out of style. It is a very elegant mustache and looks good on just about everyone. In addition, it is the perfect option to combine with different types of face, in addition to allowing the fact that it is shorter or longer. The hair, however, needs to have more volume to ensure the look.

Your mustache deserves special care
I put together this list of mustache care, after all we want to have THE MUSTACHE and not the dog’s mustache like the one in the photo below and neither beard without a mustache.

Initially you must choose a mustache style that you like and that matches your face shape;
See if your mustache is the famous thick mustache or it is thinner;
Now comes the cut. If you are not sure how to make the mustache, stop and look for a barber, after all, any mistake will result in taking everything off and starting again;
With a small pair of scissors, trim the hair every 5 days on average;
Washing should be done with shaving shaving, so we avoid dryness, dandruff and other things;
After each meal, check that there is nothing stuck in the mustache, and if possible, clean it;
For smokers, use an anti-yellowing shampoo;
In the case of small flaws, use the makeup bag of your beard and use an eyebrow pencil, so you will disguise the flaw.
What products for the mustache?
Now that you’re a mustache man, you liked the looks of the stylish mustache types, didn’t you? Trimming and caring for them can be tricky if you don’t have the right products to care for. For mustaches, in addition to the razor and scissors to make the correct trim, you will need two other very important products: mustache wax, and beard balm . But his style of the man with a mustache does not stop there after all, the hair and beard must be in harmony . And after all with a well-kept mustache, which woman will resist the corner of the mustache?

The wax mustache is more suitable for the most stylized copies that need the product to remain firm as long as desired. They are not expensive, and can be used in a small amount, just enough for a showy mustache. To shape your mustache, just take a small amount of wax, rub it between your fingers to give it a little warm and apply it on your mustache. At the end, you can still use a beard comb if you have to.

But the balm for beard is an excellent choice for your facial hair grow with unmatched quality. The balm will help you strengthen facial hair from the root to the tip, and can already make a difference even in the growth phase.

How to make the mustache grow faster?
And how to make the mustache grow faster? Well, there are several ways but I recommend our post on how to thicken your beard to help you. Perhaps a medication such as minoxidil is useful as well.

With this combination, the mustache styles you choose will look even better. Keep following Beard, and you will see even better results for the mustache and beard. See also how to combine the mustache and goatee . Until the next young lady!