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Tips to grow a Full Beard

5 Steps to a Full Beard in 30 Days

The ability to grow a full beard is something that most men, bearded or those who are always shaving regularly, TRY. Now, if they really pretend to have that skill at the tip of their tongue, that’s another story, but in any case, most men want to know that they could grow a very thick and dense beard if they could only decide to want it.

In reality, beards are almost never perfect and even though we all longed for our beards to be perfectly distributed and fertile enough in those spots where we can’t see a measly being born , those desires are simply unrealistic for most bearded men.

That said, there are some ways to help grow a fuller beard and we can say with some authority on the subject that it can be achieved in as short a time as in a period of thirty days.

But first let’s be very clear, these tips are not like, “LAST MINUTE NEWS: SHAVE SITE LEARNS SECRET SECRETS TO GROW A THICK BEARD IN JUST ONE MONTH.” On the other hand, let’s just understand that they will be just tips and suggestions to achieve a long-term result to be followed up on a monthly basis.

There is no magic potion and no sacrifice ritual required to have a full, soft beard . What this step-by-step will do is give you assistance on how to grow a full and healthy beard, along with the idea of ​​giving you more confidence over time.


With all the problems we can find in our beards, the more you face them, the more flaws you will find and the more you will judge yourself for not having a perfect beard and you will realize that you have no control over it.

If you are constantly judging your own beard, you are just putting your high esteem at the bottom of the well and complicating your perception of the growth of your full beard.

Always try to remember that no one who comes to observe your beard will be criticizing your flaws just as you do and will not even point out the problems you see so much if you learn not to spend hours writing down every imperfection in your beard growth for always looking at her in the mirror’s reflection.

Moral of the story, the less frequently you look at your beard, the less you will be critical of it and the more progress you’ll see when you just look in the mirror to check your fabulous full beard.


Even on a calm and serene morning where you find yourself looking pensively towards the horizon at the bottom of the landscape and are contemplating your deepest thoughts, a bearded man must keep his hands away from his beard at all costs. Yeah, it’s really cool to be touching her and playing with the hair. However, nothing brings more problems to a healthy beard than a silly hand. The more time you spend wasting hours and hours touching your beard, the more destruction you will cause.

Touching pimples or blackheads , or occasionally pulling that one by the rebel here and there, everything will cause the health of the skin on your face to be damaged and leave your face with several flaws.

We know that it is almost irresistible to go without a hand on a full and incredible beard, but if you can reduce the time you spend hands on it throughout the month, you will certainly have a significant improvement in its growth.


Repeat after me: A clean beard is a fuller beard. Almost like your hair on your head, when you keep your beard hair clean it will look more full and full than if you leave your beard very oily or completely dry, without hydration.

Achieving the right balance in cleanliness is important and our suggestion is that you make a good investment in a shaving shampoo to help you always keep every part of your beard clean.

As we said earlier, achieving the right balance in this beard growth routine is the key to keeping it full and healthy and if this routine lasts for the entire month, you will surely be able to see an improvement in results in one short period of time.


Almost like our suggestion to keep your beard always clean, making sure that facial hair and facial skin are always well lubricated and moisturized will give you the conviction that the appearance of your beard is fuller and more complete over time.

Using moisturizers and specific oils to care for your beard as part of long-term care, your skin and hair in the face area will prevent irritation due to dryness that creates dandruff and clogged pores and reduced hair growth in your beard.

Aesthetically speaking too, using a shaving oil and a moisturizer can very simply help to have a fuller appearance because of the question of evenly distributing the hair in the densest areas across the rest of your beard.

And to give that final touch to your full beard, a beautiful wooden comb will help you keep the strands organized and very presentable as well as helping to spread the shaving oil or moisturizing balm along the length of the strand.


Lastly, one of the best ways to get a fuller beard is to boost your testosterone levels. The easiest way to achieve this is to incorporate a diet rich in healthy proteins and engage in more demanding physical activities .

We all have very complicated routines in our daily lives, such as work and social gatherings and everything, however, if you can put some activities that are more “testosterone activator” in your schedule, you can be sure that you will see promising results in a full beard.

Maybe try to chop wood or learn some cuts of meat from the butcher, or even go to the gym with that muscle-bound colleague of yours, or you can use that as an excuse to have more sex with your partner than you are having just for that reason.

Extra Tip

Also consider using Shaving Vitamins , as they will help you boost growth by nourishing the hair with all the nutrients that the follicle needs to develop the hair.

Also consider using Minoxidil which helps to increase blood circulation around the follicle thereby improving the production of hair by the follicle.

Whichever way you manage to take that turn in testosterone levels, you will also take that turn in the growth of your full beard. Yes, as simple as that.