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Van Dyke Beard Style
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Van Dyke Beard Style: Everything about the Van Dyke look!

We have already spoken here in our article about beard styles about Van Dyke. It is a stylish look, a bit hipster, and that needs a more refined care than usual. And by the formats that it has, you can understand the reason for this. But this particular style has some interesting curiosities.

To begin with, where did the name Van Dyke come from ? And what variations can you make with this well-styled mustache and goatee?

This is what we will see in this post, for those who want to make a good change in the look and give that surprise to yourself, friends and girlfriend. Go for me, there are good advantages to explore with her.

Where did the Van Dyke style come from?

Van Dyke Beard Style

The Van Dyke style is a specific type of goatee in the beard and mustache are not connected but are in sync with their well stylized drawing.

The name is a tribute to the painter Anthony Van Dyke, well known in the Flamenco school for his art style. The Belgian was the pioneer in the visual too, at the height of the 17th century.

The Van Dyke beard style was widely used until the end of the 19th century, and it gradually fell into oblivion. And look, it was the hipster crowd that brought the style back little by little, although some media figures have used it before.

Today the Van Dyke beard style has its popularity, but it is not seen as easily as other styles. Which in a way is very good: the features that stand out in this look are unique enough not to be used so much.

And as you will see in our walkthrough, making a Van Dyke requires a little more attention and care on the beard . See how it is.

How to make Van Dyke Beard Style?

Van Dyke Beard

If you want a Van Dyke top look, and even stylize in some of the shapes that we will show you right away, just follow the steps below. It is somewhat simple, but it requires attention.

Step by Step to make a Van Dyke

  1. Don’t forget basic care. Here is an important tip: Van Dyke style will only be possible if there is constant care with your beard. So be sure to use shaving shampoo and balm frequently, to make facial hair soft and easy to shape.
  2. Clean the sides of the face. After 6 weeks of growing a beard, the first step is to remove all the beard on the sides and neck. If you prefer something more rustic and more practical, you can use the razor for the task, and that we teach you right here .
  3. Make a round goatee. When removing the sides of the beard, leave only the goatee, with a space of approximately 5 centimeters from the mouth. On the neck, be careful not to shave the chin area. The idea is for the goatee to be round, so that the last and main part of the Van Dyke is worked on.
  4. Start modeling. With the goatee done, it’s time to get rid of it. With the materials you used to shave on the sides, carefully remove the area between your chin and mouth. This part should be as smooth as the rest. With that, your Van Dyke is almost finished.
  5. Be careful with the details. By now, you should have already viewed your Van Dyke . Then it’s time to trim the ends of your mustache, slightly adjust your goatee, and define the final look of your work. To start, later on there are some Van Dyke styles that you can have a reference in, and then find your style.
  6. Keeping Van Dyke . To always have a classic look like this, you will need a good mustache wax and beard oil, both to protect your beard from external effects and to leave your look intact for long hours. And you shouldn’t forget about the other products, and shave in the clean areas. It is not easy, but it is very rewarding.

5 Van Dyke Beard Style Tips

Now that you know how to shape your classic look, how about some references so as not to get lost when it comes to trimming? They will make your bearded life much easier.

1 – The Rebel Alliance

Van Dyke Beard Look

If you’re a Star Wars fan , you’ve got the idea. Do you want a style so original for your Van Dyke that it is not to draw it with the symbol of the heroes of the George Lucas series? It can take a little work because of the precision when shaving the chin, but the result is a reference that when perceived can open many smiles.

2 – The Classic of Classics

Van Dyke Beard Classic

This is the classic Van Dyke, without even taking it out. Slightly turned mustache, a thin, pointed beard. If you are more traditionalist, take this look. But don’t forget that in this look, a good mustache wax is basic!

3 – The “T”

Van Dyke Beard Style

In theory, it is no different from the classic format issue. What characterizes this variation as something unique is the mustache closest to the mouth , designed to look like the letter in question, and the goatee to be a little wider, and without a point.

4 – The French Van Dyke Beard Style

french van dyke beard

The French style was one of the most popular, mainly by public figures such as the musician Chris Cornell, and recently with the actor Hugh Jackman as part of his characterization in the film “Pan”. Both the beard and the mustache are designed with more sophistication, leaving a look that resembles the Three Musketeers.

5 – The Pointed Style

van dyke beard Look

A variation of the classic style. Here all the ends of the Van Dyke are pointed, creating something a little more aggressive, and even more impactful.

So, did you like Van Dyke’s beard tips ? Now it’s much easier to make them, isn’t it? Leave in the comments what ideas you suggest, and if the new endeavor was cool. Until the next young lady!

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